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My 10 inspirations this week – sharing images I have enjoyed


Are you like me? Always forging ahead looking to the future? Well I’ve made a promise to myself that I will look back over what I’ve achieved in the last week as a way of reminding myself that I am always travelling and usually moving forward. Part of this review is to take the time to look over what has inspired me, or caught my eye over the past seven days. It’s my way of allowing myself time to take pleasure in my craving for inspiration and connection. I thought I would share with you my 10 inspirations from this week. This is a way of also allowing myself the time to look back and to spend more time with my inspirations.  A way of slowing myself down I suppose.


Inspiring Place to Stay

Sarah Andrews - Captains Rest
Sarah Andrews – Captains Rest

I have been enjoying Sarah Andrew’s feed of her retreat Captains Rest over on Instagram as she brilliantly describes the feeling of her hut by the water creating the perfect escape from it all.  It’s how I hope Harp Cottage feels to our guests.


Inspiring Collections

Petite Violette Malmo
Petite Violette Malmo

I look collections of things.  My art works are often made up of multiples.  There I should something so satisfying in seeing something en masse.  So add in some perfectly distressed wabi sabi and I’m in heaven.  Collectors extraordinaire Petite Violette Malmo are the creators of the exquisite vignette.


Inspiring Shopping

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiques, wabi sabi, time worn pieces
Carol Hicks Bolton Antiques

Also an Instagram inspiration Carol Hicks Bolton Antiques has a beautiful mix of timeworn pieces, that she has chosen to create a magical world within her store.

Inspiring Architecture

Brut Group Monjitas Street, Santiago, Chile Photo: Hell-Jake
Brut Group – Monjitas Street, Santiago, Chile. Photo: Hell-Jake

Another source from Instagram’s Brut Group, his feed celebrates Brutalist architecture and shows it often in it’s full crumbling glory.  Absolutely love this spiral space between two flatfronted buildings.  It also reminds me of Peter Ellis’s curved staircase Inn 16 Cook Street, Liverpool, the world’s 2nd glass curtain walled building (Ellis’s  Oriel Chambers being the first and most famous).


Inspiring Texture

Georgie Dolling-Stylist, spoon and white washed wall
Georgie Dolling-Stylist, spoon and white washed wall

I love the simplicity and contrast in this image by Georgie Dolling.  Look at the texture of the wall, by adding a smooth but tarnished spoon Georgie just emphasises the beauty of the moment both.  And it’s white, what’s not to like ?.


Inspiring Multiples

Antique_11gatsu, patina heaven, tin baking moulds
Antique_11gatsu, patina heaven, tin baking moulds

Another textural beauty is this stack of metal baking tins.  A mix of simple lines and patina – just heavenly – look at those seams!!!



Metal files displayed at Maison de l'Outil
Metal files displayed at Maison de l’Outil

I love these metal files displayed so simply and originally.  They look like feathers to me and we couldn’t have a week of my inspiration without some feather action now could we.


Inspiring Art

Kate Mccgwire - wax and horsehair (2002)
Kate Mccgwire – wax and horsehair (2002)

Although I am an artist myself I find inspiration in objects and found objects usually rather than other art, I think that’s the sculptor in me. However, the work of Kate Mccgwire is beautiful.  Mainly using feathers to create her pieces, I am always drawn to anything she creates. This is an early work from 2002 and I find it really compelling with an eerie beauty.


Inspiring People

Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell
Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell

The Bloomsbury Group as they came to be known, have had a huge influence on my life.  Charleston Farmhouse epitomises to me how I want my life to be.  The way that they lived their lives there, was all encompassing from the walls they painted, to the seats they sat on.  Their work was integral to their day and the property they lived in.  My world may not be as decorative but I live by the same principles.  It seems fitting to be thinking of Vanessa and Duncan as Charleston reopens this week for this year.  Please do go and visit.


Inspiring Quote

Charles Bukowski
Charles Bukowski

And I will leave you with this little gem, taken from Alex Legrand’s Instagram feed.

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