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Having met through work Katie and Justine soon realised they shared a mutual aesthetic. From the very beginning often turning up to meetings with the same sourced obscure objects for a story board! On visiting each others homes it only went on to confirm they shared the same taste and influences. They’ve now joined forces to create the Curated Room.  

Katie Tyler, Co-Founder

I have been sourcing and selling beautiful objects for the home throughout my life. I just can’t resist buying! Originally trained in textile design and after many years of study I started working in fashion magazines styling for photo shoots! Finding or creating the right object for a room at short notice was one of the challenges about the job I loved. Following a stint traveling and a desire to make beautiful objects myself lead me to retrain as a professional upholsterer in London, working for companies such as Levi Strauss and Harpers & Queens. Over the years I have been commissioned to supply bespoke upholstery to high-end independent stores throughout UK and to private clients. My styling then turned to interiors shoots for companies such as Country Living and Wallpaper.

The natural progression was open up an online outlet that will be offering beautiful objects for your home. Inside the Curated Room shop you’ll find my own unique upholstered pieces and furniture and objects sourced throughout UK and Europe.  The photos of our shop collections and interiors will explain our look far more than I ever can.

Justine Cook, Co-Founder

What sets me apart from other interior consultants is that I come at styling your room from an artist’s point of view.  The way I put colours together is instinctive, I follow my nose and that means I don’t knowingly follow the interior design rules.  I approach any space as a whole, it’s not just about the colour of the walls but about how the room will make you feel.  The people are at the centre of my vision.  How you need the room to work for you, how you need that room to make you feel.

I fell into interior design purely through needing a job as raising a family and working as an artist wasn’t financially fruitful enough.  I started in an interior shop getting to know all the fabric, wallpaper and paint houses and through this advised on creating rooms and whole homes for people.  I had my very own strong design ethos.

As you are familiar with the look I have for myself, that translates into an easy to live in, calm, stylish but sophisticated environment.   Somewhere I want to relax in.  These are the interiors I like to create.   Creating calm, natural, clutter free homes that have a warm, welcoming atmosphere is my thing, my husband calls my look ‘detailed minimalism’, and I think it fits perfectly.

I still create my art through installations and interventions and I feel that stops me being a slave to trends and fashions – I have learnt to look through them, as I have had to search long and hard for my visual identity and I’m happier because of that.  This means I can help you find your own ‘look’ and so create a home that is you, not one that will look dated in a few years.    Learning to know yourself and your style can help you avoid so many mistakes and expensive mistakes at that!  Holding your hand I can guide you through creating your own stylish, timeless home.  It’s your home and it needs to function for you and your family.

Georgian Room - a writer's room/library, linen chair and cushion, wool rug - Interior of writer's room styled by curatedroom


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